How the Forum Representatives and Board Members are Elected

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A membership fee is payable each month, which allows all residents voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. At this meeting, the duly nominated board members are voted for.

Board members that are residents are voted for from the Residents Forums. These residents are nominated by their fellow residents to be part of the resident forum. On this forum issues are discussed that have direct impact on your stay in the village.

The board consists of 40% residents, 40% community members and 20% staff members. Meetings are held quarterly

The role of the forum member:

The role of the forum member is to attend to the residents’ concerns and promote contentment in the community. Topics such s security, refuse removal, gardens and terrain, recreation and nursing services are discussed at these meetings. They are very informal, but agendas and minutes are kept for record purposes. Should there be minor maintenance problems such as leaking taps, replacement light globes, etc., a defect form can be completed with our Help Desk assistant, and these mattes do not have to wait for the forum meeting to be addressed.