Payment of my Unit

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The price of your unit will depend on the size unit you are comfortable with. This might be a bachelor unit, one bedroom or two bedroom unit, including a carport or garage. You will be requested to put down a R50 000-00 deposit to secure your retirement unit, or you might be asked to pay the full purchase price on date of signing your contact. Experience has taught us that sometimes it takes time to sell your house, and circumstances sometimes determine how quickly you have to move to a retirement village. Therefore, depending on the time frame and individual circumstances, we do make provision that you may pay “Occupational Rent”. This allows you to move into your new home without having paid the full purchase price. You are then invoiced at 1% of the outstanding balance of your purchase price for a pre-determined time frame (usually 3 months is granted). In this time you will not be held responsible for the levy. However, you will pay all other costs mentioned from point 1-5. Once your full outstanding amount has been paid, you will then only be invoiced your quoted levy, and no longer the occupational rent.