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Our security company is called Pro Force.  Our guards are on patrol 24/7.  You might have a tug or knock at your door or window after eight in the evening to let you know that you should close windows and lock all doors.  Your family will purchase a “GAFA” sticker from the cashier in the office which will allow them access to the premises without signing in.  However, when you receive visitors, the guard at the relevant gate will call you to find out if you are in fact expecting someone.  Encourage your visitors to co-operate.

Our security guards have panic buttons linked with CHUBB armed response and can call for back-up should an incident require it.

When you know that you are coming home late, you can call our security guards on 011 383 0039 / 011 383 0040 and arrange with them to be ready to receive you and make sure the gates are open and you do not have to wait for them, as the gates are lock at 21:00.  Please don’t hoot.