Upgrades/Alterations in my Unit & on the Patio

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Please always consult your contract before making any alternations or adding any fixtures to your unit. Policy states that a letter is written to the Management Committee of GAFA stating what exactly it is you want to do in your unit – e.g. putting up a DSTV Dish/new light fittings/additional cupboards/removing of breakfast nook etc. – the management will consider your request fairly and give you a written answer. Always remember that you are not the owner of the unit, but only of the life rights. The unit remains the property of GAFA and therefore NO changes, alterations and or fixtures may be added or taken away in the unit without prior consent from the Management Committee. You will also be required to keep the unit in a clean, neat and tidy condition at all times. 3 monthly visits will be done to your unit to ensure that all rules, regulations and upkeep of the unit are adhered to. This rules and regulations are not there to make any of our residents feel as if they are being treated like children, but simply in the interest of all in our communal living projects