FAQ regarding GAFA units.

Our security company is called Pro-Force.  Our guards are on patrol 24/7.  You might have a tug or knock at your door or window after eight in the evening to let you know that you should close windows and lock all doors.  Your family will purchase a “GAFA” sticker for their vehicle from reception which will allow them access to the premises without signing in.  Encourage your visitors to co-operate and please sign the book at security.

Our security guards have linked panic buttons with MAMBA armed response and can call for back-up should an incident require it.

When you know that you will be coming home late, you can tell the guard on duty and arrange with them to be ready to receive you and make sure the gates are open and you do not have to wait for them, as the gates are locked at 21h00. Please don’t hoot.

There is a monthly membership fee payable per person.  This entitles you to a vote for our Managing Body at our Annual General Meeting held every year around April.  All major decisions are taken by our Voluntary Governing Board.  This includes policies and procedures, annual budgets, yearly increases, staff salaries, etc. You are represented by a forum representative. A membership fee excludes persons or groups who have no interest at GAFA from voting at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).
This is a once off fee of R200-00 payable on receipt of your keys to your new home.  Should the time come that you have to sell your unit, you will be refunded your R200-00 on returning all the keys in the condition that they were handed to you.

Should your keys be lost, the deposit will be utilized for the replacement thereof.  It is always a good idea to leave a set of keys with a neighbour you trust, and / or with a child, family member or friend.

Spare keys to all the units are kept in a secure key store and only the Assistant Manager and General Manager has access to that store.

Each unit’s electricity is read in the third week of each month.  You are only billed for the units you have used.  You do not qualify for a reduced electricity charge as the organization as an entity qualifies for a special rate, and therefore your monthly unit usage is calculated accordingly.

Water is invoiced at the cost to the Organization, divided by all residents inclusive of the entire property. Ihlati residents’ water is read and there might be a decision to charge for water used per unit. Water meters are read regularly. It is envisioned for the future to have pre-paid water and electricity meters.

Currently our residents pay a flat rate of R37.25 for water per person per month.  This may change with the annual increases that takes place in April each year.
This is compulsory for all units to be cleaned either daily or weekly.  Residents make use of our in-house cleaning service and may schedule a cleaner at a time and day of the week that suits both the cleaning roster and residents.  Residents taking occupation will be contractually bound to have cleaning sessions of 3 hours per week at a current cost of R33.75 per hour.  A dedicated domestic cleaner will be assigned to your specific unit.

NO outside cleaners will be allowed on a regular or occasional basis.  This is to control access in the very best interest of all residents’ security.

GAFA will maintain the aerials of the units. This includes SABC 1, 2 & 3 and e-TV. Residents with a satellite dish have much better reception in the Primrose area.
Yes, you may have your DSTV installed at your own cost.  Also remember that the dish becomes a fixture and may not be removed.  When the contractor is coming to install your DSTV, please let our security know.
Early in 2018 Telkom had decided not to replace the copper cables that have been constantly stolen in and around our area.  Therefor, it is not advisable to transfer your Telkom line, unless it is wireless.  You already have a dedicated Samsung number that you will be paying for.
Please always consult your contract before making any alternations or adding any fixtures to your unit.  Policy dictates that a letter be written to the Management Committee of GAFA stating what exactly it is you want to do in your unit – e.g. putting up a DSTV dish / new light fittings / additional cupboards / remove the breakfast nook, etc. – the management will consider your request fairly and reply by written letter.  Always remember that you are not the owner of the unit, but only of the life rights.  The unit remains the property of GAFA and therefore NO changes, alterations and / or fixtures may be added or taken away in the unit without prior consent from the Management Committee.

You will also be required to keep the unit in a clean, neat and tidy condition at all times.  Quarterly visits will be done to your unit to ensure that all rules, regulations and upkeep of the unit are adhered to.

The rules and regulations are not there to make any of our residents feel as if they are being treated like children, but simply in the interest of all in our communal living projects.

  • Communal water [note should utility fees require a decision can be taken to pay for water in the near future]
  • Insurance of the building
  • Communal lighting on the premises
  • Nursing support and Care Giver
  • Maintenance of the exterior of your unit
  • Handyman services
  • Garden service
  • Fire prevention and extinguisher training
  • Waste removal
  • Admin and overheads
  • Availability of support services on the premises like, hairdresser and Sr. Christelle Pretorius.
  • Unfortunately, because no unit is separately fenced, no cats or dogs are allowed on the premises. It is a ruling that only two pot plants are allowed on the stoep, unless the landscaping and positioning of the plants are aesthetically to the satisfaction of management. No cluttering of pot plants and outdoor furniture is allowed. Plastic furniture becomes brittle and can lead to accidents.
  • Please be aware that our Care Centre and Village is a NON-SMOKING zone, and we encourage all residents and visitors to please respect this as we are protecting our frail and vulnerable older persons.
  • Your geyser has a time switch installed to make sure we do not run into demand billing.
  • Payment of accounts happen on the 1st of each month. Any account not paid by the 7th of the month will accrue interest at 2.5%. Should you at any time – due to illness or any unforeseen circumstance not be able to pay your account on time you can arrange to prevent interest and penalties.
  • Should you need to visit the doctor, optometrist, shopping centres’, etc. we do offer a courtesy driver, that by appointment can take you. AA tariffs apply to traveling distance.

Optional extras that may be arranged include: laundry, transport, courier, hairdressing, meals, e-mails sent and doctors’ visits.

We encourage our residents to stick to watering times which are on the notice boards, especially in winter time.
New window boxes have been installed in each unit at a cost of R90-00 each.  This remains the property of GAFA and may not be taken down once you have moved out.  A R40-00 deposit will be charged upon taking residence of your unit and the monies will be refunded should you vacate your unit and the window box is found in good order.
Yes, you may with written consent of the General Manager for your own account understanding that this will become a fixture. GAFA management requires a second remote in case of an emergency. Should your garage need maintenance it will be for your account.
You are only responsible for insuring your personal contents inside your home.  GAFA is responsible for all insurance regarding the building, ceiling and geyser.  Each unit plus the geyser is specified in our insurance policy.
You may approach GAFA management with an official letter to purchase a smaller unit or other unit of your choice should one become available, and a settlement can be arranged.  You will be responsible for the levy of your first unit until it is sold.
Should you become frail and can no longer live in your unit, we require a month’s notice.  We will then start to market your unit as soon as possible should you need to sell. When a new buyer has been found, you will be informed.


You will be paid back 80% of your original sales price on the resale of your unit. Should a unit be sold due to the passing away of a resident, the monies will be paid into the Late Estate.

We would like to advise residents – for their own safety – to make sure that their units only contain the necessary furniture.  Don’t clutter, never hoard. We have empathy with our residents as most of them have come out of large houses and need to make a mind shift to stylishly furnish their units. Don’t have loose mats in the units.
Your unit has been fitted with a smoke alarm. When the battery of this alarm goes flat it will sound a siren. Please report this to reception for replacement.

Don’t walk on the grass, remain on the pathway and use the hand rails.

From time to time it is statutory for Management to practice an evacuation drill. Most drills will be announced, but an unannounced drill may take place occasionally. Management keeps a list of residents at risk and allocates able bodies to assist in case of a fire drill.

FAQ regarding emergencies.

The fear of falling for older persons is a very real threat.  Residents are advised to be careful in their unit and wear the correct shoes and make sure your prescription spectacles are revised every second year.  Remove clutter from your unit.  Make sure that your phone is placed within reach. Consider an emergency response arm band which you can arrange privately.

Make sure that your neighbour knows your routines, consider a whistle around your neck to assist you if you are living alone and prone to falling.  Always remove keys from the inside of your door. Should an emergency occur and your unit needs to be opened phone helpdesk on 011 383 0000.  This process may take 30 minutes after hours or over weekends.

Each resident will be handed a “Help file” on the day of screening.  You are encouraged to add the following to it: certified copies of your ID document, bank statements, medical aid form, living will should you have one, will and other relevant information should you need to be hospitalized and can’t speak for yourself.
Primrose area is prone to severe lightning and power surges and power failures.  GAFA has a flow in of three distribution boards and sometimes all areas are affected at the same time.  You are advised to unplug all your electrical equipment when there is a power failure to prevent damage when power flows back.  There is a 2 – 4-hour back-up battery for SAMSUNG in case of a power failure.
Should you feel “under the weather” you may call the nurses’ station at 0002. Give the number of your unit, and what it is that you need assistance with.  A nurse will then come to your unit and assess the situation.

Should the nurse feel that you may be taken better care of in the Care Centre, she will inform you of this.  You will be taken to the Care Centre in a wheelchair, and our Nursing Service Manager will be informed of this.

Should you fall ill, have been hospitalized and need professional care, but the hospital has discharged you – you are entitled to a three day stay in the Care Centre (complimentary).  These days are calculated per financial year (01 February – 31 March.  If you need to stay longer, you will be charged a daily fee, and this will be added to your monthly account, with consultation and explanation.

FAQ regarding GAFA management.

Transport to and from hospitals and or doctors’ rooms, is the responsibility of the resident, or his family or family representative.  This does not apply to an emergency where an ambulance is needed.  Staff are not always on call to deliver this service.  Also keep in mind that our drivers are not qualified care givers, therefor the services of a qualified carer will be mandated for that day, and the resident will be invoiced accordingly.
A membership fee is payable each month, which entitles all residents to vote at the AGM (Annual General Meeting).  At this meeting, the duly nominated board members are voted for.

Board members that are residents are voted for by the residents’ forums.  The forum members are nominated by their fellow residents to be part of the residents’ forum.  On this forum issues are discussed that have a direct impact on your stay in the village.

The Board consists of 40% residents, 40% community members and 20% staff members.  Meetings are held quarterly.   Please enquire for a copy of the constitution.

The role of the forum member is to attend to the residents’ concerns and promote satisfactory conditions in the retirement village.  Discussions such as security, refuse removal, gardens and terrain, recreation and nursing support services are discussed at the meetings.  These meetings are held on a very relaxed manner, but agendas and minutes are kept for record purposes.  Should there be routine maintenance problems such as leaking taps, replacement of light globes, etc., a defect form can be completed with our help desk assistant. Such matters do not have to wait for the forum meeting to be addressed.
The Management Committee has three ways to communicate with residents.


  • The Chatter Box

This is a by-monthly newsletter that is available to each resident with news, birthdays, tit-bits, and important information that is shared with residents.


  • SMS/WhatsApp

Bulk SMS / WhatsApp are broadcasted to communicate a recreational activity, maintenance work that is undertaken etc.

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